A New Perspective on Robots and How They Will Shape Humanity

Throughout the years, technology
has improved drastically – creating machines and devices that were unimaginable 50 years ago. And perhaps the most advanced and interesting of society’s technological advancements is robots – but it is also the most misunderstood.

In fact, according to recent Pew Research, more than 70 percent of Americans
express concern about a world in which machines perform many of the tasks done by

Fortunately, there are people who believe humans and robots can coexist and work
together in harmony and are working to debunk many of the fears people have about them.

Mouser Electronics Inc., a leading semiconductor and electronics component distributor
based in Fort Worth, TX, and celebrity engineer Grant Imahara, have teamed up again for the fourth
consecutive year for their Empowering Innovation Together program.

This year’s program is called Generation Robot, which features five videos filmed across the world, including in the U.S., Germany and Japan. Mouser’s goal is to reach innovators
around the globe by showing how robots have a positive impact on humanity and change how people
see the possibility of interacting with them.

Throughout the Generation Robot series, the entire spectrum of robotics will be
examined, as will the understanding of how robots not only have a technological impact on society,
but also a social and moral one.

The video series begins with the Imahara visiting the Institute for Robotics and
Intelligent Machines at Georgia Tech and speaking with the executive director, Dr. Magnus

There, he explores several aspects of robots, such as the basics of the machines,
myths and misconceptions, as well as the hopes for, and fears of, the advancement of robot

In the video, Dr. Egerstedt mentions that robots used to be about mechanical
engineering, but now modern robots involve psychology because these machines will be working along
with humans and thus they need to understand people.

The second video, which takes place in Augsburg, Germany, dives into the real meaning
of robots and humans working together, as well as the way this interaction will benefit

The third video, which comes out in mid-July, will focus on the all-robot-staffed
hotel in Nagasaki, Japan, where Imahara investigates the way robots behave utilizing only
artificial intelligence.


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