New AI Platform Protects Musicians’ Work

Any music artist – regardless of
his or her level of fame – will tell you that chief among their many concerns about the business is
guarding against copyright infringement and protecting the work.

DigiTrax Entertainment, a leader in the use of artificial intelligence in the music
industry recognizes this and has found a way to harness the analytical power of AI to help protect
musicians from copyright infringement.

The new DigiTrax product, Music Fact Reports, can act as a personal CSI lab for
forensic musicology, according to Joseph Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment.

" We believe Music Fact Reports will be a major step forward for rights
holders," Mr. Vangieri says in a statement announcing the launch of Music Fact

The Music Fact Reports program helps individual musicians by saving them the hassle,
time, and expense of hiring a professional forensic musicologist to conduct an analysis before
deciding whether a copyright infringement case is worth pursuing with a lawyer.

The program also can be used by copyright lawyers to evaluate the strength of
potential cases, and by publishers seeking to confirm the originality of a contracted musical

The Music Fact Reports program works on the power of artificial intelligence by
extracting sequences from pieces of music and comparing them to other works using music
theory-based algorithms.

" We are working towards a future in which analyzed sequences of data for all
copyrighted pieces of music are stored in a database that can be accessed and searched to detect
levels of extrinsic similarity instantly," says DigiTrax Chief Technical Officer Marcus
Matusiak in a statement announcing the Music Fact Reports launch.

The Music Fact Reports program is currently being used by attorney Richard Wolfe of
Wolfe Law in Miami, Florida, to pursue a copyright-infringement case involving instrumental

" I think the technology is cutting-edge for purposes of identifying substantial
similarity in two pieces of music in terms of rhythms, beats, and extrinsic similarity," says
Mr. Wolfe.

To promote the launch of the Music Fact Reports program and showcase its potential,
DigiTrax engineers have developed Music Fact Reports for the top 10 copyright infringement cases of
all time, Mr. Vangieri says.

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